Niklas Vincent

My name is Niklas Vincent (né Lindblad) and I love technology in all its forms.

When I was 11 I got a copy of the Borland Delphi IDE and started to play with Objective Pascal. Two years later I compiled my first Linux kernel from scratch in order to get my sound card working using ALSA instead of the (at the time) default OSS.

From there on I have spent thousands of hours playing with various programming languages and operating systems.

Today I work as a Software Engineer.

Feel free to get in touch, you can find my contact information here.

Personal Timeline

Software Engineer at Spotify

Backend Engineer at Monzo Bank

R&D Software Engineer at Nominet

Working on TV White Space.

Software Engineer at The Guardian

Working as a full-stack developer in the Digital Development department

Web Developer at D3R

Full-stack developer working with various e-commerce websites

Analyst at a major American investment bank

Developer Operations for the Python/C++ based Athena trading system within the investment bank

Moved to London

To take up on a job offer after graduating

Graduated with an MSc in Enginerering, Nanoscience Engineering

For my master thesis, I designed mixer circuits using III-V nanowire transistors with an improved noise model.

Awarded the Agardh's Medal in Silver

By The Academic Society at Lund University for my contributions to student life in Lund.

Won Best Business Idea in Venture Cup

Regional award for best business idea together with Nicklas Nygren. Our business idea was already up and running as a business: Kontxtr - a real-time Twitter screen for events.

Became part of Kvittar

Joined a team of six as a System Architecht, helping build the first working system for digital receipts in Sweden, whilst continuing my studies full time

Joined Dreamhack Network Crew

Became part of the team that builds the infrastructure for the world's largest computer festival held annually in Jönköping, Sweden

Founded Lindblad IT

My own company which served a wide variety of clients ranging from tech startups to government agencies whilst I was studying full time

Started studying Nanoscience Engineering in Lund

A five year interdisciplinary engineering degree leading towards a MSc